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BBSec provides the cutting-edge stateless IMAP server, cooperate with Dovecot and Scality

- Stateless, higher security and scalability system for the AAMS service -

Tokyo - November 18, 2014 - Broadband Security, Inc. (BBSec), a leading IT security service provider, announced today that the release of the cutting-edge stateless IMAP server as the new system of it’s secure email service “AAMS”, partnering with Dovecot Oy, a developer of open source POP3/IMAP server software, and Scality, Inc., the leader in software-defined storage (SDS) at petabyte-scale.

Now that email is absolutely imperative communication tool in business, and corporations require more and more of availability, scalability, and high security for email systems. To meet these demands, BBsec has been operating and providing the secure email ASP service “AAMS” since 2005. Combining Dovecot Pro and The Scality RING, and support of TwoFive Inc,, specialized in Scality products, this new AAMS system provides high fault resistance and scalability as well as superb security function more than ever.

Feature of the new AAMS System:

1. Exceptional Fault Tolerance

Providing a stateless email server system, in case of any single failure, it remains continue the service without any downtime of service for a particular group of users under the control. This function will prevent from the situation of un-deliverable of emails caused by the failure of email servers.

2. Petabyte-scale Scalability

Introducing the scalable software storage solution, it makes easy to extend the capacity up to tens of millions of email accounts in the same system. This scalability is highly adaptable for organizations to use the existing system without renewing, in case of email services providers, acquisitions and divestiture of IT systems, or the nationwide email account creations.

3. High Security

In addition to the security focused software design, BBsec’s operational experience in security sector, the technology to adapt the latest architecture and swift action, offers services at advanced security level.


Mikko Linnamäki, Co-Founder, Dovecot Co.:

“BBsec is a true innovator in Hosting and Security business in Japan. We are extremely happy about BBsec has selected our latest version of Dovecot Pro with the native CDMI connector to the Scality RING. This solution will give BBsec practically unlimited storage capacity and the best email performance of the industry, by far more efficiency than the traditional NFS storage options.”

Jérôme Lecat, Chief Executive Officer, Scality,Inc.:

"We are proud to have an innovator like BBSec as a customer. Security and compliance is critical in business environments today , particularly with a mission-critical service like messaging. Our Scality RING product has met BBSec's stringent standards for over a year in production. We are excited that our work together is continuing to result in great end user solutions for BBSec customers like the new IMAP server leveraging the Scality RING and Dovecot Pro, where all data is stored in the RING."

Nobuhiro Suemasa, CEO, TwoFive, Inc:

"The cost reduction of infrastructure is highly required for email services providers. The stateless and high performance of Dovecot Pro reduces operational costs as well as to achieve higher reliability, while Scality RING provides the flexibility and scalability to the email storage. We think that the exceptional business judgment and technical capabilities of BBSec, which introduced these technologies into one, and achieved the not only to reduce the cost but also to integrate the reliable and scalable next generation email infrastructure, is to be commended. We also appreciate that we participated in this innovative project, and be apart of creation of a benchmark for the next generation of email system."

This new system will be sequentially introduced to the current AAMS customers. We plan to accommodate 650,000 accounts until the end of 2015.

About Dovecot Oy.
DOVECOT OY with main office in Helsinki, Finland, was founded to commercialize its largely popular open source POP3/IMAP server software and due to the demand by thousands of corporations of different sizes around the world. Dovecot is privately funded and owned by the original founders. Dovecot’s main business is to provide commercial modules, migration services and enterprise support for customers related to the open source Dovecot mail server. Currently Dovecot’s server software has been installed over 2.9 million, the market share of 57% worldwide.
For more information please visit .

About Scality, Inc.
Scality is the industry leader in software-defined storage at petabyte-scale. Founded in 2009, Scality has developed and deployed software storage solutions that deliver billions of files to more than two hundred million users daily with 100% availability. The Scality RING software runs on any standard x86 servers and makes it scale to hundreds of petabytes and billions of objects. The RING’s end-to-end parallel architecture provides unsurpassed performance, while its patented object storage core increases availability and durability and dramatically reduces operational costs. The RING integrates with applications through standard storage protocols such as NFS; S3; OpenStack Swift and Cinder. Scality’s customers include four of the world’s largest media companies, two of the largest telecommunications firms, and other market leaders throughout the US, EU, and Japan.
Follow us on Twitter @scality and visit us at to learn more.

About TwoFive, Inc
TwoFive,Inc was established by engineers, who have been experienced large-scale email system integrations for service provides. With our vender neutrality, providing the best-in-class technology and services to large-scale email infrastructure to improve the email environment in Japan, is our corporate policy. We provide e-mail system solutions to the major mobile carriers and ISPs in Japan. For more details please visit our website at

About BBSec
Broadband Security, Inc. is the total security provider of diagnosis, administration, maintenance, and digital forensic for IT security. With the concept “to make IT networks in Japan as the most robust in the world”, we supports the security side of IT service for various enterprises ranging from major companies and telecommunications carriers to IT ventures by utilizing high technology, abundant experience, and wide range of information collecting ability since the establishment in November 2000.  For more details please visit our website at

* Dovecot Pro is name of product of Dovecot Oy.
* Scality RING is name of product of Scality, Inc.

Press Contact:

Takashi Takizawa
Administration Department
Broadband Security, Inc.