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BBSec Extends the PCI DSS Service Region to US and Europe

- It will support Japanese and Korean companies going international in security aspect -

Tokyo – May 9, 2016 – BroadBand Security Inc. (BBSec), a leading IT security service provider, announced today that it launched global PCI DSS related service including supporting PCI DSS compliance activities and conducting on-site PCI DSS assessment in US and Europe as well as Asia/Pacific region from May 2016.


The company has conducted PCI DSS related business in Japan and Korea since 2008, which is the second oldest in Japan. In 2015, the company extended the region to all Asia/Pacific to respond increasing needs of international PCI DSS related service.


BBSec mainly provides PCI related service to Japanese and Korean companies owning local corporations and joint ventures in US and Europe. These companies intend to make their subsidiaries compliant with PCI DSS as well as themselves. To respond these needs, BBSec extends the PCI DSS service area to US and Europe.


Initially, BBSec will provide PCI DSS related service to data centers and cloud service providers in US and Europe who provide services to Japanese and/or Korean companies, as well as to the local corporations and the joint ventures of them.


Then, BBSec will promote the PCI DSS related service to American and European merchants who use these service providers. BBSec hopes that the potential customers in US and Europe know BBSec’s high quality service.



About BBSec’s PCI DSS relating servise:
BBSec employs sixteen QSAs (Qualified Security Assessors) who speak Japanese, Korean, English, and French and PCI DSS relating services in these languages are available.




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