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IT security initiatives are important in business continuity and business operations require an integrated security approach to ensure regulatory compliance, protect against data leakage/theft and defend against network threats.

BroadBand Security has been the embracive forces in information security professional services among others, involved to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard since the beginning and thus, blessed with many smart clients. It all started with our sense of mission to protect values placed on the information and now, we are having a large frame of responsibility to overseas market. We feel honored to meet smart partners and smart clients.

Security Service

Anytime, Anywhere…
We support security incidents of our clients.


We create client-centric passages to ensure regulatory compliance.

- PCI DSS Advisory
- Network Equipment Configuration Diagnosis
- Risk Assessment
- Onsite Assessment
- Virus infection check
- Anomaly Detection


Smart your SAQ with
‘Smart SAQ Online’

Assess security in your languages. Make it real.

Smart your BAU with

Business as Usual (BAU) Portal facilitates administration of the periodical events and Q&A for maintaining the PCI DSS through interactive communication. Dashboard and PCI calendar with GUI.

Smart your COMPLIANCE with
‘Daily Eyes’

Secure yourselves from potential risk by collecting and detecting logs in daily basis.


We create client-centric passages to ensure regulatory compliance.

Diagnosis, Vulnerability, Database, Network, SaaS Software, Web Apps, Smartphone, Public Cloud, SPLUNK Auto Disconnect Linkage, Targeted Attack Mail Training

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Akira Mochizuka,
President & CEO

Katsumi Tanaka, Executive Director
Yasunari Kumono, Executive Director
Hitoshi Miyazaki, Executive Director
Toshihiro Okada, Executive Director
Takafumi Shido, Executive Director
Takashi Takizawa, Executive Director
Kiichi Tanaka, Executive Director

Morio Matsuura, Auditor
Yuji Hirata, Auditor
Masashi Fukuyama, Auditor
Hidetoshi Masunaga, Auditor

Company Information


Workforce: 206
Capital fund: 282,000,000 JPY


Nomurafudosan Nishi-Shinjuku-Kyodo Bldg.4F,
8-5-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0023, Japan

Tel: +81-3-6433-3116, +81-3-5338-7430
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Our service area is worldwide, And we can support in multi-languages (English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German and French).

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